Commit 6c4352ff authored by Laurianne Charrier's avatar Laurianne Charrier Committed by Dorian Goepp
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Add Amelie comments

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......@@ -34,6 +34,24 @@ class RosMemoryRanked extends Component {
render () {
const config = this.props.node.getConfig()
if (config && 'displayMode' in config) {
if (config.displayMode === "readme") {
return (
<h1>Display the sequences of the interactions learnt by the agent</h1>
Each time the agent performs a <b>sequence of interactions</b> in the environment, it records the corresponding <b>valence</b> and stores it in the memory. Each record is called an <b>occurence</b> of the sequence.
} else if (config.displayMode === "settings") {
return <div>
<p>config panel</p>
return <MemoryRanked data={} xLabel={this.state.xLabel} yLabel={this.state.yLabel} {...this.props}/>
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