Commit 06c9ea55 authored by Dorian Goepp's avatar Dorian Goepp
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Adding a default, placeholder, picture

parent 627c0ef6
<svg version="1.1" viewBox="0.0 0.0 944.8818897637796 718.1102362204724" fill="none" stroke="none" stroke-linecap="square" stroke-miterlimit="10" xmlns:xlink="" xmlns=""><clipPath id="p.0"><path d="m0 0l944.8819 0l0 718.1102l-944.8819 0l0 -718.1102z" clip-rule="nonzero"/></clipPath><g clip-path="url(#p.0)"><path fill="#000000" fill-opacity="0.0" d="m0 0l944.8819 0l0 718.1102l-944.8819 0z" fill-rule="evenodd"/><path fill="#efefef" d="m0 0l944.8819 0l0 718.1102l-944.8819 0z" fill-rule="evenodd"/><path fill="#cccccc" d="m290.1798 354.03406l0 0c0 -92.37506 71.41586 -167.25983 159.51181 -167.25983l0 0c42.305176 0 82.877594 17.621964 112.7919 48.989273c29.914246 31.367294 46.71991 73.91051 46.71991 118.27055l0 0c0 92.37506 -71.41589 167.25983 -159.51181 167.25983l0 0c-88.09595 0 -159.51181 -74.884766 -159.51181 -167.25983z" fill-rule="evenodd"/><path fill="#d9d9d9" d="m180.32224 75.26723l269.38583 0l0 278.77167l-269.38583 0z" fill-rule="evenodd"/><path fill="#999999" d="m616.34216 513.66l123.93677 -99.38309l123.93677 99.38309l-47.33966 160.80524l-153.19421 0z" fill-rule="evenodd"/></g></svg>
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