Commit 16e5a62f authored by Dorian Goepp's avatar Dorian Goepp
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aesthetically remove extra spaces

parent 3d084e6f
......@@ -5,12 +5,12 @@ import FlexLayout, {Actions} from "flexlayout-react";
import {decorate, observable} from "mobx"
// The React Components that are going into tabs
import {VideoStream, DemoVideoStream} from "./VideoStream"
import { RosLineChart, DemoLineChart } from "./LineChart"
import { RosHGauge } from "./HorizontalGauge"
import { RosMemoryRanked, DemoMemoryRanked } from './MemoryRanked'
import { RosInteractionTrace, DemoInteractionTrace } from './InteractionTrace'
import { RosLatestInteraction, DemoLatestInteraction } from './LatestInteraction'
import { RosMood, DemoMood } from './Mood'
import {RosLineChart, DemoLineChart} from "./LineChart"
import {RosHGauge} from "./HorizontalGauge"
import {RosMemoryRanked, DemoMemoryRanked} from './MemoryRanked'
import {RosInteractionTrace, DemoInteractionTrace} from './InteractionTrace'
import {RosLatestInteraction, DemoLatestInteraction} from './LatestInteraction'
import {RosMood, DemoMood} from './Mood'
import DemoString from './String'
// get the default configuration for the layout
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